Meet Chelsea

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I am a photographer who lives in Billings, MT. I love to capture moments in our lives and remember them forever. Through my lens I can freeze time, and don't we all want that, sometimes, anyway?!  I like to shoot in natural light, and to catch natural moments between you and your loved ones.

I am amazed that families allow me to jump into their world, if only for a day, or an hour. I meet outstanding families with love for one another-even on the crazy days, like family picture day. I especially love photographing weddings-capturing these life-long memories are why I love what do! I know photos can be stressful-but that's why I am there to lighten the mood and make you remember why you love the people I am framing in my shots.

I began to love photography right after I was married, and my love only grew after I had children. Sitting behind a camera and being able to cherish my kids stepping stones, laughs, and smiles seemed to help me forget all the tears, (from both sides of the lens!) messes, and hard to learn lessons.

I have a hard-working husband who I am so in love with that is constantly busy providing for us, golfing, and taking care of me and our 3 crazy boys! I stay home with the boys and try to entertain, play in the mud, and catch moments of joy along the way. Photography has allowed me to freeze my kids in time-right now I hope they never grow up!

I hope you will welcome me into your special moments and allow me to capture your life, and how it is right now.